The Heartbeat of God. Our minister, on a few events described of an incredible representation he will always remember. He transfers that while in a meeting, one of the speakers talked about the heartbeat of our God. This specific speaker strikingly disclosed to them that if the Lord had a heartbeat, and that if we somehow managed to listen eagerly and hear this very heartbeat, this is the thing that we will musically hear: “spirits, spirits, spirits, spirits”.

Without a doubt, what the speaker was attempting to bring up was that was, and what keeps on expending our God. What empowers, energizes and offers euphoria to the Lord our God are spirits – that is the salvation of delinquents like you and me. This is God’s profound longing and aching – to see miscreants like us go to the sparing learning of the Lord Jesus Christ! Be that as it may, we can never grasp this energy for spirits except if the Lord catches our very own hearts as a matter of first importance, much the same as the instance of the Apostle Paul.

The Lord Captured the Heart of Paul. Acts 9 records the supernatural experience of the Paul (who around then was still named Saul) with the Lord Jesus Christ at Damascus. Saul was fanatical for the reason for Moses and his adherence to the Law, that he thought the Lord was satisfied with his life, particularly since he was oppressing these Christians. These alleged supporters of “The Way” were exasperating the tranquility of their country and religion. In this awesome experience, the Lord’s beauty defeated the willfulness and unbelief of Saul. At long last, Saul’s otherworldly eyes were opened and just because saw reality – that he was really abusing the Lord’s Jesus Christ. His named was then changed from Saul to Paul. Presently, the Bible records that Paul was never the equivalent again after that experience with the Lord Jesus. He was drastically changed. Truth be told, he got an awesome order to lecture the Gospel to Gentiles.

The Apostle Paul Captured The Heartbeat of the Lord. There is no uncertainty. Paul caught the very heartbeat of the Lord. We read in Romans 10:1-4, the very articulation of his deepest longing and aching – to see the salvation of his kindred Jews. His eagerness and energy were centered around lecturing and showing the Gospel to all men, Jews and Gentiles the same. His most prominent want and objective was the fulfillment of the Great Commission, when huge numbers of individuals will at long last go to the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of their spirits.

As Christians today, what has caught our hearts? What is the best aching of our souls today? What expends us and gives us the best bliss and fulfillment? At the point when the Lord Jesus recovered us, He uncovered himself to us. He has given us a heavenly calling – to be fishers of men, as expressed in Mark 1:17. Much the same as Paul, may this be the craving, yearning and supplication of our souls.